Symphony Orchestra

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Holistic learning aims to these three elements to act together and in coordination: this is the holistic learning and enhanced when the individual is able to integrate holistically flows from pure and simple learning the Suggestopedia. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dalton Caldwell offers on the topic.. Today, looking at the future is that learning will not be more a sausage of knowledge, but rather, an enjoyment for the body holistically integrated. The masterful interpretations of a Symphony Orchestra could give us a rough idea: there are string, percussion and wind instruments: if touched the winds, percussion and strings do not disrupt it abruptly, trying to block them, nor strings touches for your account and the same for drums and other .all played in concert. Logical mind, body, emotions, and creative mind all are There: you can focus on one single, but as everything is integrated into a single body, the others remain present and arrange their resonance. Normally parcializamos ourselves and face us sectors, which may not be so.

Suggestopedia techniques link everything again. Give a look to the classroom that needs this revolutionary method: a) average number of students per course: 25 b) banks: 25 with seats padded with soft seats c) excellent player stereo system, with its respective catalogue of classical music on Cds. Description of a typical class: teacher comes and puts a concert of classical music as backdrop, students review and read the texts to be developed during the class, begins the class and the teacher repeated texts and phrases with Cadence synchronized with the music, students synchronize their pace emotional learning with classical rhythms, lower your anxiety and become more quiet, while the teacher continues talking with imperatives tones sometimes, and with tones more soft and whispering occasionally. Stops sometimes. Described in some experiments carried out with older people, in their evaluation they averaged French, close to ninety percent class exploitation. In the e-mail you will find more information about this new way of learning, as also a weekly newsletter free for those who register on this site.