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The event was moderated by Roland Franken, professional journalist from Cologne. Web2Print – what is it? The round entered the discussion with this own-initiative question. Quickly became clear here, that the term means not only a shop system for consumers on the Internet. It is Web-based, server-based systems of order where the customer generates individual print documents based on standardised templates. Usually the downstream commercial processes are integrated. Frequently Intel has said that publicly.

Is the needs analysis the first steps when entering Web2Print before success as see? How can I attract customers? What systems are in question? The quintessence of the answers to the correct entry was: without detailed conceptual and substantive preparation does not. First look is the customer: what customers come for a Web2Print solution in question. Learn more about this with American Natural . In the second step, it comes to find the right system. It is When to make the right decision not just today’s existing diversity and complexity of the IT systems for the beginners. “Stephan Zepke summarizes his experiences: it very many different software systems on the market are offered, one should assume however, that is no one to one on the own framework conditions and needs to take.” “IT specialist standards Mroziski stressed the need for comprehensive preparation: before the acquisition and implementation of an accurate and take into account every detail of project planning, necessarily incidental and collateral costs must be included in that is crucial.” Andreas Schnieder stressed, you could start with a small solution successfully and expand this gradually.

“His tip: start with a smaller customers, for example with a Filialhandler and so first experience.” Another sales channel in detail the panelists went along with the question, what are the internal requirements for the introduction of a Web2Print system exist must. There must be a person in the operation, that has the necessary technical understanding and can think around the corner”, so Andreas Schnieder. In addition, it is important to have someone in sales that have the know-how, to discuss performance for the customers. “Daniel Thiekotter, technical management, quality management of Thiekotter Druck GmbH & co. KG: you should take employees from beginning to demonstrate opportunities of new business and the fear of a potential job losses.” A Web2Print system can attract new clients, just as important, however, is the importance as a tool to build customer loyalty, unanimously stressed the podium guests. The conclusion of the 3rd Printhouse talk makes courage, to take the first step: Web2Print offers a wealth of opportunities in the B2B business with corporate customers. Prerequisites for success are connected with a precise analysis of needs, taking into account the structure of the customer a clear definition of the business objectives. Contact for the press: Jurgen Ronsch, press & more GmbH, the capelin bushes 95, 48155 Munster, Tel. + 49 (0) 251 899 1854, fax: + 49 (0) 251 899 1112, this press release can, area Press Center, be obtained electronically.