South America

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What is the series know, of course, everything. Movie serial in the television program, in which the plot is stretched so as to be able to demonstrate it in the program guide long-term small pieces. Often series called 'soap operas', but do you know why? This name stuck to the first TV series, appeared on television as well as showing them often with ample advertising and soap powder. That's it. Now is a joking nickname not applicable to all TV series, which includes television program. Melodramatic soap operas are called soap operas. Previously, these were mostly TV series production in South America (unless you have at hand map of the world can view it Mexico, Brazil, Argentina – the major exporters of television soaps), but now Russian TV channels and actively adopt the Western experience.

This can easily verify by looking at that TV offers program. The share of Russian series, stated in the program channels, already exceeds the number of foreign companies. Since the release of the first series, they were filmed and shown in the program a huge amount of channels. Variety of genres – the same as for feature films. The program is a television and soap operas, Adventure, and romance, and detective and mystery, fiction and fantasy. Soaps can be in the hundreds. But not all of This impressive number of merit. Quite an impressive percentage of the demonstrated in a TV program does not turn syllable name is not what 'tolerable', but even the 'mediocre'.