Sets Of Kitchen Knives

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Renew your old knives! Fruits, vegetables, fish, meat each food needs a type of kitchen knife. We present two new packs knives signed by Karlos Arguinano, indispensable in the kitchen of professionals and amateurs. Prepare your recipes with your favorite chef knives favorite! Set of 2 knives signed (46,95) – knife Santoku (180 mm blade): knife ideal for cutting with ease and convenience meat, fish, vegetables – knife Picot (100 mm sheet): small knife used for peeling, slicing garlic and jobs requiring using a small sharp pointed. Set of 3 signed knives (62,95) in addition to the knife Sandoku and lace includes a boning knife medium of leaf elongated (160 mm). The most used in kitchen, ideal for boning the meat. More knives and Karlos Arguinano! At store you will find more Arguinano knives sets: Set of kitchen knives Arcos Newfoundland series (87), consisting of a set of 4 knives: Picot, Deboner, Santoku and block of wood of beech knife arches (128), consisting of a set of 4 (Mondador, chef, ham and Panero) knives and scissors of arches. Set of 6 chuleteros arches Monoblock series knives (33) of maximum quality, with blade and stainless handle, screen-printed with Robin Cook of Karlos Arguinano.