The philosophy in its more classic definition is known as ' ' love sabedoria' ' or ' ' friendship sabedoria' ' this is important, the love. We must search to have love for all the things. Love in the direction of belongs here either in the common wealth, solidarity to other people to other beings etc. Therefore is through the love that if is possible to transform a reality social, familiar, religious and even though global. When we love a person in particular or an object that remembers in them a special moment of our brief existence, we suspiramos of joy when reviewing it, take care of with all zeal and we show all to the others with the pride that fits in our chest, the great trophy of our lives. Thus it would have to be also the mentality of many educators, politicians and in the most diverse professions. One ' ' profissional' ' that it is worried solely about its proper ' ' Eu' ' he is not worthy of being called professional.

Arthur Schopenhauer would say that ' ' the egoism is colossal, the universe cannot contain it. Because they gave to each one the choice enters the destruction of the universe and its proper loss, he is idle to say which would be resposta' ' . Therefore, before everything she is necessary to win this great limitation that inhabits inside in us to be more solidary in the way of education and the life as in one all. To be professional is to make beyond its proper reality is to defy itself current stops beyond its forces. In an audacious and constant search of the improvement of itself and the others consequentemente. It always is clearly, respecting the dignity and the particular limitation of each human being. Polish Sociologist Zygmunt Bauman defines as ' ' Lquida&#039 life; ' this you make where we live.