The composition of landscapes often and other bugs. Such an example of how the image fences or line of bushes in the foreground. This arrangement also divides the painting as if into two zones. In addition, a fence or subconsciously some bushes as a barrier perceived by the person that needs to be overcome and stop looking at her audience. The same inspection station image occurs if an obstacle occurs on other planes of the composition. Best for the perception is such a composition, when the viewer can walk look at the picture and it is desirable that he would not run randomly and sparsely, not being able to stop no matter what your opinion, and that the movement of eyes occurred in a certain direction, it is desirable to circle. Such a picture can look long and hard. A very important point for the composition, is to choose the format of the future work.

If the format is too big for the composition, the picture may be too much unnecessary space. What has too often these excess space is the sky in a landscape. A large piece of the sky of course it can be assumed, but it must be justified composition. The same goes for foreground. If the format of the canvas is too small, you may feel, 'fragmented' picture, where the composition is not perceived by the whole picture, but looks like 'a piece' of a product. Before start drawing the composition on a large format is useful to make no great sketches, measuring little more than a matchbox.