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In the Organization of an event of more than 200 people, it is advisable to hire the service of a folding that has the ability to cater to their guests. In receipt of major business or social events, it is common to find the service of snacks and canapes, cold, sweet, Mexican cheeses for sources and wines. The banqueteras that have prestige and experience generally have thematic menus either by season year and special dates. To understand more of the services, will then mention you as handled is kind of menus: theme Menus, either by influence Mexican, Asian or Europeans by variety of ingredients savoury, sweet, bittersweet, with the purpose of satisfying even the most demanding palate there are banqueteras which allow you to add a plus to your event, for example, exotic desserts is possible to design your menu or style of canapes and sandwiches with the purpose of maintaining satisfied and happy customer The preparation of food and the taste depends on only the Chef and the quality of the ingredients that drive: the banqueteras tend to choose its Chefs for their culinary skills and personality most of the Chefs specialize in canapes, sandwiches, wine and cheeses for sources, have studies abroad most of the works of canapes and sandwiches is carried out in the eventto ensure the best quality of service the catering should provide all the material and utensils Chef required in the process of preparing this is the most relevant information to carry out the preparation of the canapes and sandwiches for their events.