National Congress

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The first one is lawyer of profession as well as the other, is biochemist.A historical error of the education professionals, is of subestimar its proper registered voter, formadores of opinions as we are, we were for terms the greater group of benches of parliamentarians in such a way in the State legislatures, as in the National Congress, virtue of the weight that we have, next to proper classroom, as next to the parents, pupils and community in the one around the school. But, had our proper inertia or incapacity to understand our fight, we make hard you criticize to the effective model educational, the mediocre wage that we receive, the conditions of our schools, only in the corridors and not in fruns adjusted of quarrel as Unions, Associations and Parliaments where our voice can be heard. As the phenomenon is the skepticism of the population with the politics. In certain way also it is by-product of the first one, therefore when the education, the social and popular movements break up its politics in a bedspread of remnants of specific demands (economic, cultural, etc.) the proper governments finish being representation it project more global politician. Evidently that the podrido of the regimen, the alliances of the base of in such a way federal government with the Squid and state with Wagner that has made alliances with what it has of worse in the politics and the brazen corruption strengthens the skepticism.

Still thus, it is important to understand the contradictory dimension of the skepticism of the people. The media and the ruling class deal with if using of the indifference with the decisions politics on the part of the population making its businesses in the darkness. But, on the other hand, it is not very useful to the revolutionary socialist professionals of education that has a reference in the stability of the regimen or that this is seen as something positive.