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Also it opens the door of the illegal use of the mail account. For access to the network via an insecure or chopped Wi-Fi, a shared router or otherwise entering the network is done only once, the cracker can be promptly in the name of the holder. “so he can log on user accounts for online services and verify, make purchases on the Internet or even silently read the private correspondence of the holder”, added Mr Reichelt and tells finally we provide only a guide for the secure T-Online E-Mail configuration in the form of a quick reference guide intentionally on our company website to give no driving the illegal exploitation. Nike shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. ” For the time being only the proper configuration of the mail client provides protection by authentication through username and password including the necessary procurement an email password in the Customer Center. The outdated server addresses by using the current server addresses provided by T-Online are also in the mail client to replace. Computer service / Goppingen Jan Reichelt E.k.. FON: + 49 7161 9564850 fax: + 49 7161 918455 mail: info (at) computer-service Nottingham (dot) de Web: marketing and Public Relations: quagga marketing FON: + 49 7161 6068490 email: contact (at) quagga-marketing (dot) de Web: computer / service / Goppingen – Jan Reichelt E.k..

is an IT service provider based in Goppingen, Germany (Baden-Wurttemberg). The focus of the company is located in the support of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the portfolio of C/S/G repair of PC and notebook, software installations, or troubleshooting of computers, servers and network are also important topics such as site networking of companies, VPN connections, Server installation, server configuration and server maintenance in addition to the standard services such as DSL installation. Since November 2008 Computer service / Goppingen offers also the cost-effective remote maintenance service as well as a free phone number 0800 800 7161 (German landline) to the appointment.