Millennium People

In these times of change, those who already crossed the barrier of forty years, we have been witness to the generational changes and their impact on enterprises. I remember when he was 21 years old and started working in an organization with more than 500 people; at that age I didn’t have much awareness of what I wanted to achieve in life, as it happens to many young people today. The competitiveness of the market forced most organizations require different profiles, gave place to youth, energy and desires of young people who assumed responsibilities that were long in the hands of people with experience and wisdom at an early age. Epilogue phrases such as and now that! is not possible for me to retire at forty have been topics of conversation more than once in some coffee miraflorino. In one of my trips, because of work, I found a book whose title I caught my attention, the tyrants children reach companies written by the doctors Jesus Amaya Guerra and Evelyn Prado. I thought it was one of those self-help books found in supermarkets, however when I started reading it during a plane flight made me really think about how much has changed in the world and its protagonists.

The book makes a very accurate description of different generations and in particular which are called Millennium generation (people born between 1986 and 2005) or also known as tyrants children obedient parents. Precisely these children, sons defiant, disobedient, arrogant and lacking in character, as they call him, aroused enormous concern in the parents and schools that have raised questions how are the companies receiving these spoiled teens? To understand this generation of young people it is necessary to make a brief description of each of the generations preceding him. The authors first describe the generation of our grandparents (born between 1925-1950) as a silent generation that had to live between periods of war, where security was the most important thing, which led them to Guide your life stability.