Medicinal Nicotine

Pons – a new opportunity for smoking! Tightened in the office, in an airplane, at first thought about the use of cigarette sigareteGotovaya always need to provide soboyPolnostyu nikotineVam become easier breathe! Take care of your health with every puff protect the bronchi and lungs looks and feels like a normal cigarette! Opportunity to enjoy your habit and set a collection of specially aromatov.Unikalnaya selected tastes. You can smoke tobacco for hours continuously without harm to health. Easy to use, Pons-cigarette is automatically enabled when zatyazhki.Pons-cigarettes fire-safe, visible smoke – this is really actually steam! Surprise and get jealous of the holders of ordinary cigarettes! effective method of nicotine zameny.Pochuvstvuyte a god, exhaling a cloud. What is the Pons-cigarettes? Pons-cigarette – is a modern electronic device that works like an inhaler, which includes a flavored cartridge containing nicotine (nicotine cartridges without a), the camera spray (atomizer) with an electronic chip and rechargeable lithium battery. brings even more insight to the discussion. In the torque generated ‘smoky steam’ low temperature ( 50-60 C) that simulates the cigarette smoke that gets into the lungs together with different tastes expensive tobacco. This new generation of cigarettes, which have become part of lives of millions of people around the world, became a symbol of success, lean attitude to their health and that of others. Pons-cigarette does not force you to quit smoking. They make it possible to preserve the pleasure of smoking, fencing off you from most of the negative effects of tobacco products, the use of which does much more harm to health than nicotine solution.

As a medicinal nicotine use is not has. However, in recent years found that when injected into the body in small doses, it can facilitate smoking cessation. Nicotine contained in tobacco primarily and, to a lesser extent, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, green bell peppers. According to a recent and extensive study of “Pons-cigarettes as a tool for reducing potential harm from tobacco products” dated November 26, 2009, published the following data: Pons-users of cigarettes: 91% reported improved health, 9% did not notice the change; If the respondents had a cough from smoking, 97% reported improvement, 3% did not notice the change, no one said that was the feel worse, 80% have improved sense of smell and 73% have improved taste and 86% noted overall improvement in the quality zhizniDlya those who want to quit smoking: 9 out of 10 respondents unsuccessfully tried to quit before using Pons, cigarettes, and 1% managed to quit with the help of pharmaceuticals (nicotine patch, gum, etc.)