March Krolikiewicz

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Seal of quality the online booking portal premium was awarded with the quality seal ServiceQualitat for more professional tourism services. The occasion was the year’s international tourism exchange in Berlin (ITB). Magdalena Krolikiewicz, owner of the operator portal, received the certificate and the badge with the big Q by the Minister for science and industry in Saxony-Anhalt, Prof. Dr. Brigitta Wolff, as well as the former Prime Minister of Anhalt, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bohmer. Preceded the award was a long certification process, in which the company intensively had to deal with the own service quality and customer expectations.

Now the work really begins”for the next three years the company has committed itself, again and again to question their own quality of service and to improve continuously. The seal of quality is linked to conditions which must comply with the company: each year eight new service ideas have developed and to be implemented. With the certification, we have taken the first hurdle, but now the work starts really”, says the 29-year-old. The first measure was implemented a few days ago: the site premium was reissued in March and in new splendor. For the first year of certification the company intends among other things, to become active Facebook, Twitter and Google + social networks. Our goal is not to provide a wide range of accommodation.

It is much more important, that the apartments to us fit and meet the expectations of our customers”, says Magdalena Krolikiewicz. To ensure this, each object on the ground by us will be visited”. Premium accommodation the online agency portal provides exclusive vacation homes in Germany. The focus is currently on the destinations of resin and Dresden, the inclusion of other travel destinations in Germany is already in planning.