March Carried

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With regard to 50,000 atendimentos the almost carried through in the practical ones considered as central offices in the attendance of the UCIS between 2005 and 2007, it was observed that the used services more had been of nutrition, followed of the acumpuntura and Lian Going. Yoga was the used service less in every year studied, probably for the difficulty of adhesion of the users of this unit (Table 1). Inside of the studied period, variations in relation to the number of atendimentos of each had existed technique, however for difficulties of the service, however for adhesion of the users the determined strategy, as yoga. Profile of the users In accordance with the research carried through in the archives of the UCIS, we verify that in the period of 2005 the 2007 had been carried through 3,160 thus distributed selections: 1339 patients in 2005 (42%), 895 in 2006 (28%) and 926 in 2007 (30%). He had a reduction of the selections of new patients between the studied years, probably due to action of three factors: change in the form of guiding for the unit, therefore in March of 2006, the atendimentos had left of being carried through by spontaneous demand, and had passed to be referenciados by the public net of health, what it represents a strategy of regulation of the access; insufficience of the installed capacity of the unit, since it had a great increase in the demand, which had, probably, to a bigger spreading and acceptability of the practical ones for the users; finally, the necessity to gradual include in the programming of the unit the patient egresses. In 2007, a light recovery in the number of carried through selections is evidenced, what probably it was given for a magnifying of the covering of the basic attention in the adscrito territory of the UCIS, to a bigger spreading of the actions offered for the unit, as well as a bigger qualification of the demand, being respected the flows of regulation of the access to the UCIS.