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You are a secret investigator? , a police? A reporter? Or a common and current citizen? It is possible that you wish to record certain things and to find the people who make the things bad. It is necessary to have a spy camera, for diverse reasons, or for the use in the office, warehouses, warehouses, theaters or in any other place. Possibly these looking for something that is comfortable and that is of small size. He must have a good functionality in the characteristics and a good space in the memory. Also he would have to be able to record 12 hours approximately. In addition that you to the option to record of discreet way. If you are going to record something confidential east apparatus he is ideal for you. Generally the cameras spy can be found in diverse forms, size and colors, such as: PlumRelojLpizControl remotoLlaveroJuguetes and other apparatuses With the purpose of to maintain the camera hidden, he is essential that must be within some device of common use.

It does not have to be obvious so that of such way the other person does not understand the intention. For example, it is possible that you wish to know that makes the maid after you go away to the office. To have this hidden device can help to supervise the activities you that realise. It is possible that you leave to your drinks with the nursemaid and with the purpose of to take care of to your drinks at a distance also you can use a spy camera. In other occasions this apparatus can be used to supervise the activities of the employees. To avoid adverse incidents in the office and to end the confidential document robbery of the company. In some places like a jewelry shop, a store or store electronic of clothes is possible that you want to record the clients so that they do not rob any type of merchandise. And in case it is realised the robbery you can use the recording to detect it and to put the denunciation corresponding.