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I was to ahead discover such perception and its consequncias with the reactions of my small of the excellent changes that had occurred in our lives. Story here ONE OF the TICKETS THAT MARKED MORE ME! As a friend said: A WATERSHED IN THE GUI LIFE! Adaptando slowly to the new and enormous college, before of its old one and adored escolinha; with a teacher in such a way impatient one with its difficulty of if expressing; still if accustoming the PEACE that starts to reign in our house, GUI, my youngest child, was emotionally FRAGILE.

In that Saturday when sairmos to buy figurinhas inside and perceiving that, of all the bought bundles did not have one at least that it already did not have, it spoke without stuttering (always stuttered) and high of the car: _ Mother, my life is very bad, I WANTS TO DIE! It did not have drama nor pirraa, was what it felt inside of the chest. It said me in ‘ thus; ‘ LATA’ ‘ as who LEAVES TO FALL ONE WEIGHT ENORMOUS OF COASTS, AS A DAM THAT OVERFLOWS ARRASANDO EVERYTHING ITS FRONT! I stopped the car in the same hour, breathed deep, I seated in the back bank and I searched to stand out all the reasons so that it was not felt in that way and yes to be a GLAD child of 05 aninhos! It is certain that I was with a gigantic KNOT in the throat and a two-horned anvil of GUILT on the head! But I remained myself firm (God only knows as) and for DIVINE inspiration I asked to it: _ What it would make NOW VC happy, my son, please says, me? (at least of that moment he had that to alliviate it) It answered well safe from what he was asking for: _ I want a dog! It was the unexpected declaration most forceful and that had made until then!