Formative Cycles

Also, the education concept, it is understood like the integral improvement of all the capacities of the students, not only like mere instruction but like formation in all the scopes. This conception of the education, the idiosyncrasy of the Center, has caused that prepared a project of Center to work on the health, and we have been selected to enter the European network of promotional schools of health. Summary of the project HIGH-PRIORITY OBJECTIVES: To consider that the development of the self-esteem and the personal autonomy is fundamental for the promotion of a good health? To give importance to the environmental physical surroundings of the center, as well as to the direct psychological effect that it has on the professors, noneducational personnel and students. To foment solid bows between the center, the family and the community. To give to know the Program the families and to work in collaboration with them? To establish educative programs in connection with the assigned schools to our Center? To give an active protagonism to the teaching staff in this program and to improve its formation? To harness the relations of the services of health and to collaborate closely with them? To foment knowledge on health, strategies and procedures and to obtain to habits of healthful life PUPILS TO WHOM IT GOES DESTINED: One will work especially with all the students of Third and Quarter of THAT. But to the being a project of Center in some activities will participate to all the students of the Center, that is to say, the students of Secondary, the students of Baccalaureate and the students of Formative Cycles.