Fantastic Holiday

Curl at the world-famous Amalfi holiday accommodation with unique flair Regensburg, December 23, 2009 the Amalfi coast, located south of Naples on the Gulf of Salerno is one of the most romantic destinations in Italy, a Symphony of colours and shapes, which is unparalleled worldwide. The cottage agency Cilentano offers exceptional and individual holiday homes in this unique region for several years. Vacationers can choose from the wide range of holiday apartments, holiday houses, country estates and hotels your vacation home. All houses are chosen personally by the Regensburg company on-site. Breathtaking views from the cliffs on the deep blue sea, a stroll through the picturesque villages, walks through the lemon terraces and olive groves, excursions in the mountains of the hinterland with ravines and jagged teeth or relaxing afternoons in a small Bay, when in Capri, the Red Sun in the sea disappears… – who is not already at home dreaming? Paradise for Cultural and activity holidays the charm of the landscape lies in the unique interplay of blue sea, lively coastal towns and wild rugged cliffs.

Well marked hiking trails, old donkey paths and little-used roads open up the rural side of the Amalfitana walkers and cyclists”. Culture lovers find beautiful buildings in Amalfi and Positano. Hiking and travel on the Amalfi coast is overwhelmed be unforgettable panoramas and enchanting places. Whether a region to be discovered and which will remain unforgettable memories on the impressive hiking trails on the peaks of the Monti Lattari, or in the many small streets of coastal villages that is the Amalfi coast. Individual accommodation with charm founded end of 1999 by Matthias Baldauf and Raphael Mankau, Cilentano is committed to the gentle and responsible tourism.

The company focuses on small, personal accommodations with authentic style instead of mass and consorts. Customers have during your holiday Opportunity to meet a still largely originally southern Italy and to delve into the everyday life of the locals. So, guests can spend their holidays in an historical apartment of a well-known Italian intellectual family or a family residence with views of Capri. Furthermore, Cilentano has hiking trips along the Amalfi coast in the program. Booking and more information and photos at.