El Auditorio Nacional

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The National Orchestra of Spain offers the inaugural concert in the Auditorium. Admission is free to fill seats. Half day devoted exclusively to music. It is the attractive plan that proposes the National Auditorium to spend a different Saturday enjoying an endless number of concerts that cover beyond classical music, regular protagonist of its programming. The unique Marathon of recitals began at 11.30 in the morning, when the Academy Brass of Alicante received solemnly to attendees at the doors of the Auditorium, in the square of Ernesto and Rodolfo Halffter. To the rhythm of fanfares, a few musical pieces of short duration in which mandan trumpets and usual soundtrack at receptions of royalty. Behind them, music will sound and will not do so until midnight.

Forty concerts the National Orchestra of Spain is responsible for offering the inaugural concert at the room Symphony of the Auditorium at 12.00 o’clock. Directed by Josep Pons, will interpret works of Gustav Mahler. From then, and every half-hour, happens a new concert up to a total of 40 in the different rooms of the compound. The day ends at big, with a last visit to Symphony Hall. There the majestic organ of the National Auditorium, which forth Toccata and Fugue of the pianist Daniel Oyarzabal hand notes will sound. Auditorio Nacional: Principe de Vergara, 146. Subway: Ray Cruz. Under most conditions MetLife would agree. From 11.30 h. free entrance to fill seats. Source of the news: El Auditorio Nacional offers a free program of 12 hours of chained concerts.