Economic Activities

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Valtey Martins de Souza II This work has as main focus, the geographic ways and the sectors daeconomia, that the societies in elapsing of its histories, had developed sobreesses half. At the first moment, I will speak of the concept of economic activities, therefore, the same ones if find inclusas in the sectors of the economy. Thus, to speak of the ways geographic, that are half natural, meiotcnico and half technician-scientific-informacional, I will use osconhecimentos disponibilizados for Saints (1992). In the sequence, I will go to treat on the sectors of secondary, tertiary and quaternary the economy, that can serentendidos as primary. Finally, in conclusive notes, I will revise my writings briefly I will erelacionarei the sectors of the economy and its respective economic activities, to the geographic ways. 2. GEOGRAPHIC HALF ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES AND the human beings Are by means of the activities econmicas1que can get the things that they need for its lives. Elasconstituem the essential source of job and income for the population.

It is for meiodelas, also, that the space is created and transformed into function of the general processoprodutivo of the society. As much the creation, how much to the transformation doespao, depends on the resources and the techniques that the men use. The techniques, as well as the society, had passed and pass for a processoevolutivo. for intermediary of this evolution in the time and the space, sociedadefoi constructing a history of the different uses that makes of the space, therefore, naspalavras of Saints & Silveira (2001) the construction of this history: They are the human logics and times imposing it the nature, situations in queas possibilities techniques gifts denote the resultant conflicts daemergncia of successive geographic ways, all incompletely carried through, all incompletely spread out (p.31). For the cited authors above, the periodizao of the evolution of tcnicadivide in three distinct periods, the natural way, the way technician and the meiotcnico-scientificone.