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According to Camon (2006), the form as some procedures is carried through still more detaches this invasion and abuse inside of the hospital context, therefore everything is seen of this form for the patient due to acceptance necessity that has of the condition where if it finds. Learn more on the subject from Prudential. Another point that deserves prominence for its necessity of agreement is the depersonalization of patient in the hospital. This depersonalization can potencializar the suffering and make of this stay in the hospital a phase of the life marked for innumerable negative consequences. According to Camon (2006), the patient loses its name, leaving of being it starts to be the pathology that took it to the internment or the number of stream bed where if it finds. The same author affirms that, the hospitalized position of will be an experience only while experience.

Moreover, its routines and customs will be changedded ahead of hospitalization and the illness, If the illness will be something only involves that it temporarily will have the possibility of a new existencial reorganization when of the organic reestablishment, fact that, in contrast of the chronic illnesses, implies necessarily in a vital restoration. (CAMON, 2006, P. 17). On the depersonalization of the child, Chiattone (2003) affirms that he is one of the factors that cause more negative effect in its personality. When passing for the internment process the child it is undressed of that he was known for it, thus having, many humilhaes and degradaes that take it to the profanamento of its ' ' eu' ' , being automatically mortificada. For the same author, the infant is classified in the standards of ' ' administrative machine of hospital' ' , taking off its belongings to it, therefore all follow estereotipado model the same (clothes are dressed equal, use equal beds). Of this situation some changes elapse, therefore, Sarti cited for Rasp (2004), affirms that the child can have two roots that give origin to its anxiety when hospitalized.