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An investment fund is a diversified heritage, where they meet different funds of different investors, this for your investment in different financial instruments. These funds fall to be the responsibility of a bank or a financial institution which has responsibilities towards the inverter. To invest with different instruments, this reduces the risk of loss and can generate profitability may. The different instruments that can be reversed are: values with quotation, these can be in the form of shares, bonds, etc. In money, either in local currency or foreign currency.

well in real estate, this can be through mortgage. These instruments are offered so that even small and medium savers can make participants in the capital market. You can increase the profitability of these to be able to invest in funds. Once investments are the responsibilities of managers societies, among them is the establishment of the objects of investment, accounting control and realization of publications which are legally required and the control of the depository Corporation. Price or net asset value changes according to the number of participate active and also through the valued heritage division, thus investment funds may or may not generate profitability.