Christmas Delight

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With the mass of the children and the feast of the Nativity, evening in Breitenberg is the sacred experience for the whole family. This year, the municipality invites guests and locals to the Holy night from 4: 00 in the parish church of Breitenberg a. The children’s mass and the Nativity feast have a long tradition in the municipality and provide each year with much flair for that Christmas Magic, who is known for centuries, is alive. Surrounded by festive gloss begins with a comfortable coexistence of Eve in the parish church. The numerous large and small lights envelop the Church with darkness in an exceptionally romantic light.

While in the late afternoon hours, the nativity play performed by children and the singing of the traditional diving divine service in a unique atmosphere, a special experience awaits the locals in the morning. At ten o’clock, the traditional peace light from the Austrian municipalities passed fire the banjo. Traditionally fills in this hour of the morning the church square with people and evening in the village of Holy heralds the joint. Many wishes, but also messages of greeting of the guests of honor give a special, even extraordinary spell this moment. It is the light of Bethlehem, the most Holy evening forward Breitenberg taken and from there passed by the municipality to the fire departments of the municipalities. Together with the flame from the Orient move the comrades Breitenberg of FF to Neureichenau and passed the light.

It’s like a Symphony for the senses, if the people of Breitenberg to the Christmas Eve call him celebrate, him enjoy and remember the Millennium-old Christmas story during common hours. There are reminiscences and pictures that move, that impress, which make now but once the magic of Christmas, humanize it and help to new splendour. To the Holy evening in the town of Breitenberg all families of the region, holidaymakers and tradition lovers are very welcome to attend. Schoner the December 24, the day of the Holy night, could not be.