CDI Deep

With the real interest in the house of 5% to the year, below of the atuariais goals (6%) the entities will have to review its politics of investments and to realocar good part of its asset. According to survey of the consultoria RiskOffice, in up to three years, the investiments in shares will have to pass little of more than 12% of wallets for about 35% of the patrimony of the foundations (this statistics it does not include Previ, of the employees of the Bank of Brazil, that has 50% in action more than, what it would distort the data). The deep ones also will have to extend the investments in atrelados public headings to the inflation, as the NTNs. The ideal, says Marcelo Rabbat, director of the RiskOffice, is to go up of current next 30% for something 50%. On the other hand, it must more than have a great migration of the half of the assets, today placed in public papers tied with the CDI, for other modalities, keeping only one minimum box of the order of 5% of the total, for guarantee of liquidez.’ ‘ Many deep ones are hindered to apply resources in asset with lesser return of what its atuarial goal, but the public headings today already pay less of what 6%. Most important she is that necessary to have a change of cultura’ ‘ , it affirms Rabbat. Beyond the search for changeable income and asset of inflation, the entities will have to extend the participation in headings of bigger risk, as corporative credit and deep of ‘ ‘ private equity’ ‘. But alert Rabbat that these markets still present challenges, as the problems of precificao, formalizao and management of guarantees of the credit assets, for example.