Billards Clubs

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Most billiard clubs are divided into three categories: elite private clubs for the wealthy, sports – for athletes, fans (they are often held sports competitions) and recreational clubs, which come to play anyone. You probably already have a question, where to go play pool? The choice of institutions is wide. So focus on a few great options in Moscow and the northern capital. For residents of Moscow, will be an excellent choice billiards "Prince" – the club class. Visitors are invited to play in Royal Hall in the top 30 billiard tables (snooker, and a put of 12 feet) and 2 rooms for VIP-guests.

Conducting professional tournaments, high-quality game tables in the pyramid, the school pool and a beautiful girl markers skrasyaschie your loneliness – these services are provided by the Moscow billiard club "Classic", here is certainly worth a visit. It should also be noted the club, "Dobermann," in which a real separation between the royal table, as well as the perfect club for Russian billiards "The Island of Crimea". St. Petersburg today, of course, remains a billiard capital of Russia. Standing in a pool of amateur tournaments are held at the St.

Petersburg billiards club 'at Avtovskaya, 35', visitors have the opportunity to play in a pool of 40 tables, of which 12 are professional and on two 12-foot tables. A popular and well known club "LDM-Standard" – a place with hundreds of billiard tables (pool, snooker and billiards Russian), three rooms and a VIP billiard room. Often conducted in Russian billiard tournaments and attract a pool of athletes billiard players. It offers a game of table tennis, hot disco parties and banquets. Very nice place with responsive staff – a billiard club "Leader" in the same entertainment complex. One of the biggest clubs in Russia – only 80 tables (pool, snooker and pyramid), laser shooting Q-zar, restaurants and bars, a bowling alley and a cinema. Select your favorite billiard club, play pool and have the charge of a good mood for the whole week.