Banca Nazionale Tax

Everytime I go to Brussels I again more Eurosceptic. Bad, however, is not what I think of me as it presides over the European Union Belgium, a fractured country that even believes in himself from day 1. So I say. The years of economic boom managed to camouflage the division of an EU that failed to approve a modest Constitution and whose members disagree on tax and labor, immigration and energy, policies on the exchange of financial information and protection to tax havens and its own scope and up to about traffic rules. Now, with the crisis, all stitching is evident although 34,000 Brussels officials continue to live apart from the problems and European parliamentarians do not yield one of its 8,000 euros in monthly salary or renounce its hundreds of advisers. The EU will continue legislating, therefore, about the size of the tetrabricks or the number of vineyards, but does not have a common policy on Kosovo or Turkey, Cuba or Afghanistan, making irrelevant its international role. Bother any Dutch military to be commanded by an Italian or a Polish by a Spanish. Berlusconi prevented BBVA made with the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Zapatero E.ON enters Endesa and now Socrates Telefonica live buy. If even the French walk pissed because they intend to retire them at age 62 when here is at 65! Is this unit or a pathetic sarcasm? Why, many who boast of Europhiles only conceal thereby, in the background, the maintenance of a hypocritical and flagrant inequality.