Youthful Book

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Many histories of these Germans had gained versions of other authors, its more famous workmanships are ' ' The Snow White and the Seven Anes' ' , ' ' Joo and Maria' ' , ' ' The Valente&#039 Tailor; ' , ' ' The Musicians of Bremem' ' , ' ' The Vermelho&#039 Small hat; ' , among others. After the spreading of stories German for the Grimm Brothers, other authors had also started to compile stories of its countries. Another important writer of Infantile Literature was the Danish Hans Christian Andersen. He published some stories in the year of 1935, under the name of ' ' Counted stories for Crianas' ' , where they were, amongst other stories, histories as ' ' The princess and the Ervilha' ' , ' ' The Isqueiro' ' , ' ' Nicolo and Nicolinho' ' it also divulged some infantile books on stories heard in infancy. Some of its more famous workmanships are ' ' The Suits of the Imperador' ' , ' ' The Sereiazinha' ' , ' ' The Rouxinol of the Emperor of the China' ' , ' ' The Feio&#039 Duckling; ' , ' ' The Vermelhos&#039 Shoes; ' , among others. Although the compilations carried through for the cited authors, the infantile book publication still was scarce.

According to Tatar, in its Book Stories of Fairies, Andersen if it differentiated of the Grimm brothers and of Perrault for the fact to fight for the authorship of histories that counted, it admitted that many of them had been inspired in the stories that hear in infancy, but said to have imagination and creativity enough to elaborate its proper histories. Andersen is considered the first author to write with a romantic voice for the children, being used teachings and ways of good behaviors. Although the first compilations that if knowledge has to be done for Perrault, Andersen is considered the precursor of literature for the children, having had the day of its birth, 2 of April, as the International Day of the Infanto-Youthful Book.