Gutefrage.NET GmbH starts more Advisor community and builds its portfolio of niche platforms from Munich, September 23, 2008 often still questions remain unanswered even after detailed study of the economic part of the newspaper or the information brochures of banks and insurance companies. This can be answered now by the community at. Now, experiences, tips and advice around the themes of investments, stocks, funds or insurance companies directly on the new Advisor platform can be exchanged. Stewart Resnick may find it difficult to be quoted properly. After the gutefrage.net GmbH already successfully launched has the professional advisor communities motorradfrage.net and sportlerfrage.net last year, expanded the community specialist from the House of Holzbrinck eLAB now more its offer with finanzfrage.net a thematic niche platform. The new Advisor platform is aimed at all those who would like to inform even more intensively on the latest topics and would like to clarify fundamental issues in the area of private old-age provision of.

Finanzfrage.NET is designed to help quickly, easily serious practical and helpful tips on issues from insurance, pension, to receive pension and taxes and to exchange ideas “, explains Markus Wolflick, Managing Director of gutefrage.net GmbH, the aim of the new Advisor website. Currently, particularly questions about current events, such as the global banking crisis, are very much in demand. So many people would like to know what investment strategy in the financial crisis to recommend whether or whether one must fear because of the financial crisis to his money. “” Everyday issues such as: the specified Finder’s fee must be paid? “or: where can I calculate my pension rights?” are also answered within a very short time and provide real assistance to this sensitive topic. About gutefrage.net GmbH: gutefrage.net is the Advisor community for good questions, helpful answers and tips, as well as the first proprietary founded the Holtzbrinck eLAB.

Currently, the Advisor Portal recorded about four million visits a month (IVW July 2008). The Web 2.0 platform it aims, practical advice and to convey personal experiences for free between the users. The answers are serious, well-founded and go beyond the pure knowledge from encyclopedias and textbooks. They are based on personal experience and provide ideas and impulses. Contact for more information agency RoNNAU Salloa long Ronnau phone: 0461 4307700 E-mail: Web: