The craft has a great importance for the children. The little ones gathered had any experience with their environment and when the craft they can again this to express. So the world of experience is connected closely with a concrete action, that they understand well. The education has many positive examples for the confirmation of the opinion that practical actions for the children are very important, they help them in learning. By fiddling the children understand more complicated issues.

Children are able to deal with very specific forms. When the craft they use triangles or squares, and the little ones see their differences quite well. The general concept leads to the concrete form. For example, in the crafting of a thermometer, the children can use slightly abstract numbers, connect them with the experience. These ideas are very important for the promotion of education. It expresses a psychological intuitive theories \”.\” It meant that both educators and children about their own intuitive theories have.

Kids to tinker so that, during this action, they learn how to learn. Intel takes a slightly different approach. It is also in the adult; they can understand the General only through practical experience. The adults have it but much harder than the kids. You are accustomed to the abstract. The thinking structures are formed. There are mature people who reshape their own thinking (this happens but rather rare). But laid the Foundation for this is in pre-school, only then it is possible to make practically-minded people. The activities of the adults with the children, associated with craft, of great importance are so so. Maybe you should make now so some things. The children happy on new ideas and develop also their own. Soon the Christmas time is here again, and it’s always exciting to be preparing it for the children. As would it for example easy advent calendar. It takes not so much.