The Turf

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After the laying of the turf, the ground improvements are then quickly visible by the turf in lush greenery and is resilient. To get a detailed overview including Dungeempfehlung, a comprehensive analysis of the soil at the Chamber of agriculture (Lufa NRW) is recommended. A soil sample can be sent there and as a result of a comprehensive evaluation for pH and nutrient deposits comes as no other test provides. For approx. 50? can a helpful and meaningful analysis in order be given here. Both the Dungeemfehlungen are useful for garden plants, but even for lawns can be seen here, which nutrients externally should be added to the soil. For even more details, read what Molina Healthcare says on the issue.

Since shortly after the laying of the turf it reverts to the nutrients available in the soil. A first test can indicate but already the type of soil every garden owner and initial measures can be initiated and so Easily improve the quality of the soil. The occurrence of clay, humus and sand is visible also to lay by a simple test. Light, sandy soil: – has a high proportion of sand, often – is not formed and trickles through your fingers in the hand – usually no problems with waterlogging – ventilated – often more nutrients and only a low storage capacity of water grass, which is applied on light, sandy soil whether rolling lawns, finished turf, carpet lawn or freshly sown grass, can thrive only limited good on these often exhausted and arid soils. Therefore in this case it is necessary to a good fertilization and increased water. The other measures for laying turf, such as the removal of old lawn or even necessary for turf making the deepest are unproblematic also on sandy soil. The measures for the correct supply should but to get, but to provide a good growth of the rolling lawn and also to a lush lawn Nutrients and water are conducted.