The People

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Confirming this Ortiz (1999, P. 69) it affirms the umbandista religion it is based on the cult of the espritos and is for the manifestation of these, in the body of the adept, that it functions and makes to live its deities; it settles through it, the ticket is become fullfilled thus enters the sacred world of deuses and the profane world of the men. The possession is therefore the central element of the cult, allowing the descending of the espritos of the kingdom of the light, of the cut of Aruanda, that would mount ride it of which they are you. The characterization of this? descending? it says respect, according to Birman (1985, P. 7-8) to the radical change that if it processes in the people for intermediary settles of it.

We are led to observe a deep mystery? the possessed if becomes unrecognizable, dumb person of a form such that nor its closer friends are capable to say that there she is that one same person who they know. This is a so old phenomenon how much the proper history of the humanity. In old Greece, the oracles made the communication between deuses and the mortals. African cultures also register similar communication, with its respective rituals. It is of this last source the inheritance of the Umbanda, to establish connection ancestor with roupagem of the Orixs, the Caboclos, the old black color, exus, the people of the East, the children, the dove-turn. Horse? donkey? mdium? they are the names most common to assign the people who? they yield? its body for the entities and can make it for one, two or more espritos, of course that at different moments. Can happen exactly of one mdium? to receive? different espritos, that is, of distinct classification: one can be Caboclo, other black color-old and third exu, for example, each one in its respective day, hour and ritual.