The Key

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There is Another important meta tag, as the name is a description of your page, it does not directly affect the ranking of search engines, but this is the description that appears in search results, so it should be enough tempting for the visitor. Another important point image. I believe that if they are – this is good, and certainly will not prevent a mid-size at the beginning of the page. For an image sure to fill the tag "Alt", because Search engines perceive it perfectly, to the same manner, there is an opportunity to get traffic from image search. In the tag should enter a passphrase or the page title. Let's not until next deepen, and to sum up short. I believe that search engine traffic is important for a blogger too, but especially on this drive is not necessary.

The main thing to observe a few simple rules: 1) The title page must contain passphrase. 2) The text must be unique. 3) It is desirable to contain no more and no less than 500-3000 words. 4) The key phrase to be repeated in the text of at least 3-4 times. 5) The key phrase must be contained in the first and preferably in the last paragraph.

6) The optimal keyword density of 4-6%. 7) The key phrase has to be formatted a few times – in bold / italic. 8) Images must contain a completed tag "Alt". 9) It is desirable use a hyperlink on the page coming, containing the key phrase. More info: Prudential. That's not clever rules. It seems nothing is forgotten. I think for a beginner is sufficient to significantly increase its search traffic. Yes finally, an important remark. To get good traffic, you need to find good keyword phrases. The bad phrase – is a very popular phrase for a new site. Bad, because unpromising, but this, however be in Next time, wait for the continuation! Another read: Why do blogs die?