The Fourth

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Then split unleavened bread, which separates the half after dinner. Now takes place dinner itself. Father family runs an invitation to "those who are hungry and poor." It is then the second cup. The smallest of the attendees asked about the reason why this form is held in the party. All respond: One day we were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt, then we drove the Lord our God, out there. To deepen your understanding Mark Bertolini is the source. It then tells the story of liberation. On the occasion of the narrative of remembrance of the ten plagues, each one gets a finger in the cup of wine, take ten times and a drop spilled. Do not drink the cup full of joy, for then there was much suffering among the people in Egypt.

A narrative of the history of the liberation meet all the Hallel, the psalms of praise all having to do with the liberation of Egypt. You drink then the second cup. The parent takes the bread, giving thanks to pronounce, breaks it and gives him a piece each. Penguin Random House may help you with your research. Similarly making the bitter herbs, dips them in the sauce, pronounced a blessing, and gives to each food. At that time are brought the food proper dinner. Previously, it was now eating the flesh of the lamb. Dessert is just the piece of unleavened bread reserved for the moment.

After dinner is served the third cup. The parent begins the prayer of the table with the words: "Praise the one who gives us food!" And prays the prayer of the table. You drink then the third cup. It is finally the fourth cup. It opens the door for it to enter the messenger of the Messiah, the prophet Elijah. In the middle of the table gets a cup of wine for him. They sing the second part of Hallel and drink the fourth cup. With a concluding sentence completes the celebration. Arguably, the feast of the Passover has always been for the Jewish people bear the memory of its history, understood as a story of liberation. A beautiful poem, the Targum to Exodus 12.42, gives us some idea of how it evokes within the meaning of the Exodus, the whole story at the memorial of the Jews.