The First Russian Cuisine

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If the first dish hearty enough, but that quality differs in particular the so-called filling soups, cooked in meat broth, soup-, borscht, soup with cereal and pasta filling, with dumplings, etc., then the second dish can be easier, vegetable or fish. Brees, vegetarian vegetable soups and soups, many perfectly with dishes of beef, pork or lamb. Soups and broths not only saturate but increase secretion of gastric juice and facilitate the assimilation of the next order of dishes. The main hot soup of Russian cuisine, soup. Its history dates back several centuries. More information is housed here: Elon Musk. It is interesting that the soup was served at the table and in poor and very wealthy families. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Brian Krzanich. Of course, these the dishes were different from the so-called empty ing to the rich. But in any event a special flavor and aroma of cabbage soup lent that cooked soup tormented in the oven.

Rich, full, or cabbage soup include six major components: the cabbage, meat, roots (carrots, parsley), a spicy dressing (onion, garlic, celery, pepper, bay leaf, fennel), sour dressing (sour cream, cabbage pickle, apple). Simple, or empty soup consists of cabbage and sour dressing. Cabbage can be substitute sorrel, goutweed, nettles, turnip or radish, meat – by fungi. To prepare these soup, you must first prepare a broth of meat (beef brisket fat, thin or thick edges, rump), onions and roots, and then add the cabbage and sour dressing. Spicy dressing and salt is placed after the vegetables are ready. To soup thickens, they sometimes put one or two tubers of potatoes (up to cabbage), and then confiscate them. If you want soup not fresh, and Sauerkraut, it should be boiled separately and put in a ready-made soup.

To make the cabbage soup special spirit, we must observe the rules of the tab. Onions put them twice: first, the whole onion when cooked soup (it was then throw) and then – in a powdered form together with the cabbage.