The First Day

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The New Year if approaches, and in the First Day of Its Week, such which the Day of the Resurrection of JESUS, the CHRIST of GOD, everything in us must suffer transformations for better. The old man, that is; the man of the errors, the slips, the doubts, the impossibilities, is left of side and the new man must resurge to more help the Human being in three hundred and sixty and six days. He must yourself then, to glimpse the future, and to bring it for the good accomplishments in the gift. First Day 1 belongs to the land and everything to you what in it if it contains, the world and the ones that in it inhabit. For even more opinions, read materials from Nickelodeon. 2 It Established it on the seas and on he established it to chains. 3 Who will go up to the Mount Mr.? Who has to remain in its Lugar Saint? 4 What he is clean of hands and pure of heart, that does not deliver its Soul to a falseness, nor it swears fraudulently. 5 This will get Mr.

the blessing and the justice of the God of its salvation. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 24:1 the 5. Planted in field opened Which Suspended Garden, the LBV appears in the Land Disclosing the New Order: You love you as loved I you! It was not born of human womb, Therefore all its Plan Lode of the Sky to unseal all the veil and to illuminate the Peoples. Day of the Confraternizao Inicia its Mission In the Brazilian Nation Displaying its Flag In the City of Rio De Janeiro. A global cntico hears in the World: HE IS JESUS is the Winner In the fight of the Good against the evil! The preconceptions are broken, the Religions if irmanam and fight for the Rights Of all the Humanity. In the Land of the Cruise Alziro Zarur of the o pioneering shout: Glory the GOD in the Heights and Peace in the Land to the Men of Good will!