Textile Bags Trend

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The cotton bag between accessory and statement everywhere dangle on the shoulders of passers in the shopping street and the underground, students and pupils for her forgo backpacks, Feierwutige Crown her party outfit with them briefly: fabric bags may no longer be reduced to their function, to transport the week end in purchases. Today they are rather as a fashion accessory and political statement against the wasteful throwaway. And just out of this idea was developed 30 years ago the cloth bag. Dear jute as plastic!’ was the motto of the politically active youth. Also today, the jute bag is carrier by slogans and messages, because their large external surfaces allow plenty of space for personal statements in the form of printed or embroidered. Who would be so even a part of meaningful trends, formulated the own entrepreneurial Maxim in a scarce set of provocative and can be applied to the fabric it. Reasons why the fabric bag is a good advertising medium much is a constant companion, comes around ‘ and is seen.

It has a high value for the customer. (Capacity: mobile key, paperback, running shoes, sweater, wallet, water bottle – only now fully ‘!) It is unisex. She is a eco-friendly! It is not thrown away out of conviction. It is opinion makers ‘! It is located in the trend. Bags with company logos or advertising messages are inexpensive to manufacture. Anna Zens – absatzplus Agency for promotional products