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If the leader is far from reality or ceases to be sensitive to your people, your own vision is in danger of become a utopia. Early successes can cause myopia in the vision of the leader, or you create infallible and refuses to understand the realities from other points of view. The leader must always be willing to reorient your own vision. Be intolerant toward because always has done so, by not in a different and better way? This sense of dissatisfaction is an energy source of the charismatic leader, who is always looking for opportunities to do more with the same or less, and is impatient, seems to have a hurry to change things here and now, it is always identifying major challenges, although this speed can become weakness if not consolidating and landing in the form appropriate to each change. Positive dissatisfaction is an essential ingredient for the corporate life and vital part of the success of the company’s excellence.

The leader must develop this sense of optimistic discontent in his subordinates and simultaneously must project an image of far superior to the present situation future. The leader must develop a frank and trustworthy communication with his people to perceive deficiencies and take advantage of the opportunity of unreported improvement, because there are also options for improvement not necessarily derived from deficiencies. Barchester may help you with your research. Nothing will happen until our people do not aware of the need for change, this attitude derives the real sense of overcoming, and the leader must become a raising agent and constant stimulus to challenge the current status and launch his team to the browser for new solutions. In the measure that achieves it is measured the effectiveness of the leader. What does this mean?, you’re reading these lines pregunto you: really are you satisfied with your company?, may be improved? We can overcome our status?, we can achieve that our company, our Department, our area or our post is better? We believe that it can be, we already have this tiny seed is germinating, not from the point of view negative, critical or destructive, but as a positive encouragement that really drives us to make things right.