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Web Site Graphics

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They are suitable for different types of graphs. Some can be used for graphs, charts, used for storing photos, editing graphics conduct. All these graphics can be used to create models for future sites. To download graphics, occurred simultaneously with the page, they must be stored in a separate folder, called images or simply img. After images are stored in a folder, this folder should be copied to the directory with the pages of html. And how come the introduction of images on the web page will try to address below.

To place a graphic information on the web – the page should use the following combination of tags and attributes: IMG and attribute SRC: img src = 'images and the desired address. " If we talk about what kind of code should make a folder with images, then it will turn img src = 'site / img / picture.gif'. This combination of characters name the root folder where the catalog will be determined by 'site'. Directory with the images you can find under the name of img, and graphics files will be described picture.gif. In that case, if the address on file is incorrect, instead of the image appears blank window. The IMG tag can have several attributes, each of which has a specific function.

SRC – is responsible for the location of the file, or rather for him. This attribute is not only, there are others who are also responsible for things like signing, alignment, and so on. To set the alignment of a picture or signature (left and right, top, middle, bottom) using this attribute as ALIGN. With the ALT attribute can be add comments, which are visible in the case when the show off graphics. This can be done by HTML-code: ALT = 'comment'. To edit the thickness of the frame attribute is used BORDER. If for some – any reason unable to see a full high-resolution image, then use LOWSCR help you with an alternative address to an image with lower resolution. LOWSCR popular attribute in the web – artists, as precisely because of this attribute to the page can be optimized. To correct the height and width attributes of images can be used WIDTH and HEIGHT. In conclusion we can say that to create an absolute reference is required before put the image address. Thus you save a page, you can view offline. To view and download color images you can use format gif. In that case, if you have an image in a format jpeg, then as far as possible avoid the attributes WIDTH and HEIGH. Otherwise, you can get a picture not of very high quality. In any case, when placing images on the page must adjust its parameters using graphics editor.


Site Layout

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In the HTML code containing only the data and their structure and representation, that is, the appearance is kept separately in a file styles CSS. This structure makes it easy to change the appearance without affecting the code of web pages. For example, you can create different styles to display and print, and do not need to create a separate page specifically for printing. Except Furthermore, this separation allows you to divide work of specialists, when engaged coder layout and design – designer. And, finally, separation of content and appearance allows you to sites with changing external views.

A visitor can choose the style of the site is suitable for him, the choice will be remembered for future visits. Using semantic markup easier registration of all identical elements in the same style. Sufficient to describe the style in the file of CSS, and you can not worry about the appearance of newly added items. In addition, the simplified procedure for adding new documents created in word processors. Often materials Site is written in a text editor Word. There is a simple means of transforming the headlines, selection lists, and other elements in the corresponding elements of HTML.

If the application tag in layout differs from the standard convert Word document to a Web page must manually if there is a desire to preserve the original formatting. Semantic markup makes it easier to structure the code of web pages and avoid many unnecessary structures. While the average user does not see the code, the search engine spiders work with it, and literate code helps in promoting the site. Semantic layout helps significantly the internal search engine optimization Web pages, which is especially important for the promotion of mid-range and low-frequency queries. And in moving to high-demand optimization allows a few to save money on increasing the reference mass.