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Test On Economy And Policy

Posted by Sylia on

Test on economy and policy When subjects related to the economy treat, the majority of the mortals we thought, due to the tremendous importance that the economic facts have acquired, that the handling of this discipline, well-known as the queen of social sciences, must be in the hands of specialists in the matter and that only these initiated they are the unique ones that can express an authorized opinion on the matter. The relevance acquired by the economy in the life of the nations has granted superpowers to those who have the responsibility to lead the direction of the same, turning them into true pop, referring inescapable at the time of making decisions in any area from activity of a country. What the difference in economy does, is the intervention of the political power, for that reason, when we spoke of economy, we always talked about by extension, to the expression, that type of economic policy it applies to tal o cual government . It is governor who takes part in the economy, – not indeed to change its statements from the point of view of its application like science – but all government, like person in charge of the well-being of the society as a whole, is the one who he has to have of to orient its economic program to the satisfaction of the needs of all the sectors compose that it, avoiding the capture of the Be in favor of corporative interests near the turn power. The politician is of absolute responsibility of the governor to make sure that in the cycles of economic growth the resources can be generated that allow successfully to face the inevitable cycles of contraction of which certainly they are had to produce it must orchestrate exits to prevent that these negative cycles extend too much, and mainly, to assure that the positive results the economic growth when these are reached – not concentrates in certain sectors of privilege, but through his social and fiscal policy, it must obtain one distribution of the rent national, but right and equitable the possible thing between all the society.