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In traditional cosy style of Reischlhof in the way makers of land also promises the very special experience with diversity and traditions this year. It is a panorama that captivates young and old, bringing eyes to shine, and together with the bright light of the Moon stirs hope in the people. Gently rise up the Hill of country of Mahmood and caress the horizon with their white, delicate case. The laughter of the children can be heard across the meadows and proves once again that winter in the Bavarian Forest is far more than just a season. He is a Symphony, which is skilfully with many selected notes in the senses of man enshrined and it enchants.

It is a composition of coziness and romance and a mix of adventure and relaxation. Winter in the way makers of land means action, adventure and traditions and the Reischlhof with a lot of sensitiveness addresses exactly these three components. A romantic House, embedded in a snow-covered landscape, whose Frost paint the first frost on the window of the hotel, invite you to a special winter holiday. Haunting, enchanted, and yet so modern presents the Reischlhof during the winter months guests and it creates with special offers to enchant the senses, her scene to put in and to create enthusiasm among the people. This year the guest in the Reischlhof on a special offer can look forward. This family-run hotel takes guests in the winter time to romantic torch-lit walks through a landscape that could hardly be more seductive.

Bright shines the light of torches that conquer the way makers of land together with the guests of the House. The visitors together with the team of the House through the landscape in white robes walking over the crunching and glittering snow. The toasty warm mulled wine exudes its pleasant Christmas aromas in the romantic winter landscape and thrilled locals and guests alike. The winter holidays in the Reischlhof combines a variety of highlights so perfectly together that they act like a Symphony for the human senses and is in wonderful Present manner. It is a story that will be written each year by new and tells. The winter time in the Reischlhof presents itself with a successful blend between experience and relax and meets precisely with these pillars in impressive manner the ravages of time.