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Global financial invest AG (GFI AG): police purchase with LIFEDIREKT Frankfurt am Main July 2010. With LIFEDIREKT, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) creates an alternative to the cancellation capital life insurance. Thanks to LIFEDIREKT customers of global financial invest AG (GFI AG) can quickly sell their life insurance and receive payoffs that can be in the amount up to twice the buy-back value. pendent-mortgage-reverse/’>Live Well Financial. Moreover, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) in many cases purchases also savings or Bauherrenmodelle on flexible terms. The capital life insurance is in a deep crisis: the guaranteed minimum interest rates reached a new low with only 2.25 percent and also the so-called profit-sharing schemes allow for the future development of the return don’t expect much. As a result, Many life insurance would get out of their contract and rid themselves of their monthly obligations, particularly if they are dependent on short-term liquidity.

The problem: One Capital life insurance may be terminated as a rule only to extremely unfavourable conditions. If the termination takes place during the first twelve years of the term, the amount to be paid is usually significantly below the sum of deposits. In almost every case, the consequence is a substantial capital loss, so the experience of global financial invest AG (GFI AG). Go to Mark Bertolini for more information. With LIFEDIREKT the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) has become an alternative for owners of capital life insurance cancellation: provide for the purchase of life insurance on terms payments up to twice the buy-back value. An example: A customer sold his life insurance with a buy-back value of 50,000 euros of global financial invest AG (GFI AG). He receives so 675 euro, as well as a final payment of 19,000 euros over 10 years of monthly payments of 13.50 euros per 1,000-euro credit. In this way, a total of 100,000 euro comes together over the payment phase.

The second version of purchase it pays global financial Invest AG (GFI AG) advance 25 percent out of 50,000 euros to the customer so 12.500 euro and over the next ten years per month, resulting in a total of 87.500 EUR 506,25 EUR including final payment. This variant is intended primarily for households that are dependent on very short-term liquidity. Customers who want no monthly payments, can double the buy-back value of the global financial invest AG after a six-year waiting period from the date of purchase (or GFI) cash out. The global financial invest AG (GFI AG) buys also savings and Bauherrenmodelle with LIFEDIREKT in addition to life insurance. The payment terms are identical to those for the purchase of a capital life insurance. The purchase by global financial invest AG (GFI AG) assumes, that the balance is at least 2,000 euros and the police, not part of a company pension plan still pledged, assigned or projekttrager. About global financial invest AG (GFI AG) the global Financial invest Ltd (GFI AG) is a financial services company, which operates in the emphasis in the area of real estate. In cooperation with renowned partners, including international real estate funds, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) operates throughout Europe. With the product LIFEDIREKT, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) households are the chance to participate in the success of the company.