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Festival Driving

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Stefan Heins to the first Ambassador of the campaign ‘ Don t drink and drive’ appointed: novice between 18 and 24 years of age and young adults are especially at risk. On the way home from the disco or party accidents happen often. Get all the facts and insights with Nike, another great source of information. And this is also alcohol in the game. For this reason, the brewery Association NRW participates since 1993 in the promotion of Don t drink and drive. In Ratingen, the first Ambassador of the oldest German road safety campaign was awarded with the CDU Board member of Stefan Heins. As a first measure, he has bought a young driving beginner professional safety training. The 18-24 year olds up 21 percent of all car accidents in North Rhine-Westphalia cause a population share of eight percent. And 18 percent of those killed in road traffic are young adults.

As industry association we want to contribute, in any case, alcohol-related accidents in our country go back”, warns Jurgen Witt, Managing Director of the brewery Association NRW. Our Member breweries are clearly committed to do so, that a drunk driver at the wheel has no.” For the first time the brewery Association NRW now has a local politician to the Ambassador of the successful campaign, don’t drink and drive”made. On the potato Festival of the Ratinger CDU was Stefan Heins now officially appointed Ambassador. Parties is simply in our rural area”, says the Deputy CDU leader in the Ratingen Municipal Council. But we have to clearly separate: celebrations and drinking alcohol on one, driving a car on the other side.

Who has drunk alcohol, does not belong at the wheel of a vehicle. That is why I am engaged as new Ambassador happy for this action.” As a first measure, a full-day driver safety training at the transportation departments in Bielefeld was giving Stefan Heins of the Ratinger driving beginner Meike Werner. I may permit with no error in the coming years”, says the 18-year-old. While alcohol is absolutely taboo for me, when I sit at the wheel of my car. But even after the trial period, I’m it hold. For my driver’s license is simply too important. “And I would assume no responsibility for accidents I could borrow.” Also Fahrlehrerin Dorothea Ziegler Schonemann agrees with the, which operates a driving school for women in Ratingen Hall. I’m no big worries when Meike. Women ride always carefully and more responsibly. Young men sit in the so-called disco accidents ‘ at the wheel. I Don ‘t drink and drive’ actions therefore expressly welcome. Only with education we approach our common goal, to minimize the number of traffic accidents.” Holger Bainbridge