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Posted by Sylia on

As you know from experience, the “market stability” is a concept that has to be set aside. In today’s global economy, the crisis is a permanent and continuous, and in this new economy, the fall or the rebound of a company, country or the bag is immediately reflected in other, hence the thinking “to my Business Enterprise or not it can happen, “can be safely painfully unreal. In this new situation of flux, perform familiar actions such as the “traditional” bank financing for our business operations, often not possible. The Bank, as always, afraid of situations that do not control, chooses to become an “exclusive banking, giving money only to those who already have money. Of course there are always limited loans to companies not as solvents, but prohibitive costs and interest, which is not allowed to face the NEW TREND: steady decline in prices, by competitors with better cost structure Should we then be reduced to negotiate only with people and / or very solvent companies, respectful of your purchase orders and very punctual in their payments? …

is likely that your income does not cover their costs and reduce operations, is nothing to stop growing … and what does not grow dies addition may rely on the actions of “traditional”: Reduce your sales volumes and / or to the extent necessary Stocks (“with delays in deliveries, the anger of its clients, etc.?) Reduce the minimum operational level staff, keeping only the most capable and suitable to the interests of your company (VALID. But if you do as a policy STANDING gain much by replacing pawns for bishop), eliminate gifts (which today is going wrong .