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Posted by Sylia on

Blogs of loneliness, a story comprised of several stories that invite the reader to reflect on forgotten longings, is the title of the new book by Hector Sunday. Blogs of solitude is the story of Jan Knight, a failed forty who loses the job and left in the street. You have then that confronted with the lack of home and food, but also with a past that could have been: the dream failed to devote his life to art. COF contributes greatly to this topic. The opportunity to feel creative comes when he meets an old woman who collects furniture and ramshackle objects. This woman has no name or memories, but replaces its lack of past with the stories he invented to justify the deplorable state of things it sells in its Bazaar. Jan, then, he is associated with it and it take hold of their skills to convert those pots into true objects of legend, thus creating a business in which customers know they are deceived, but they pay warmly for it. Blogs of solitude is the first book aimed at the adult audience that Hector Sunday, Mexican author, publishes, after three children’s books. It is a hybrid between Novella and short stories book, emphasizes the author, since that, although each of the stories that forms it can be operated separately, is by using the set as the main story takes force, justifying the title and the general meaning of this book..