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Flores Azules

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The world of flowers offers a variety of beautiful shades and colors, which are its beauty and smells can captivate the attention of anyone, since a beautiful flower can make people see the immense beauty that takes the nature and that often leaves perceive, but there are a few flowers or types of flowers that can be made to feel much more that eye candy and purity of nature and are blue flowerswhich have a very nice tone, can be said that the tone of these flowers is almost a cake, there tone that refers as much to its beauty. As I was mentioned earlier the blue flowers can reach have a pastel tone, there are others that have a clear blue color, however there are others that may have an almost purple tone, this depends on the type of seed to sow, since each seed has a variation and may each come out very blue, others suddenly are a little more pale, finally there are many factors that can influence the fact that blue flowers come out in such a way, among other factors that make or favour that flowers blue effectively have this color is the composition of the soil, that if this highly acidified soil will make certain flowers that vary in color, actually blue flowers, to achieve this effect generally applies to a garden or in an open space aluminum sulfate, but if the flowers are in a pot would be ideally use citric acid, which will cause that the substrate becomes acid, another way for flowers that are a color clear, becomes flowers blue is making a process much more artificial, because not working with the Earth that once has been cut flower, blue adheres him through a dye or a spraywhite flowers, can thus be converted to blue flowers, a way is putting the stem in a small bowl with dye and flower stalk begins to absorb the liquid to carry it to the petals and so white flowers or tenuous shades blue flowers, shall be made which would be a process similar to the absorption of the element that are in the soil and therefore its effect lasts more, as in the It takes, another way is to apply a spray or put the petals in a dye so that they change to blue color, which is a very quick way to make the change, but as the hard tone less time is necessary to clarify that this is a way of doing the flowers turn blue, it is best get blue flowers that are so naturally, since they are much more beautiful, the colors are permanent and a high variety and range of tones that has no comparison with the tones that are made in a manner controlled or artificial, so if you want to see all the beauty of blue flowers is better to get them by simple natural process, unless it is a flower in particular is not the variety of blue tone and for that reason the process becomes so that is of such color. Original author and source of the article.