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Apple Cult

Posted by Sylia on

IT and software are always harder competition for less weight, smarter functionality and use tighter hardware. comblu Hasenthal examines advertising promise and Apple cult in practice. The run to launches of subsequent versions of the three I iPhone, iPod, iPad admitted – by advertising and Appetizen Apple has a lot of idea. The run starts long months before the launch of the company. Worldwide cult-true-believer audience is committed with such promise: “If you have an iPhone, loves his iPhone. because it’s so user friendly. (Source and quote: Apple-homepage – iPhone). comblu Hasenthal says after brutally all-round test: user friendly is the hardware, and easy to grip designed because shock-proof.

The iPhone software is chic – a playful journey of discovery for private use. So why should one want to have iPod even the something larger? Here Apple promises too much, as evidenced by the practical test at comblu: due to maximized hearing, eyesight and search fun. Comparable technology other companies lagging at least in weight strongly behind the cult of Apple back. “This plus the IT service provider certifies also the iPad, the big the three egg by Apple. What about the powerful Apple MacBooks and Apple desktops? At first glance the promise of advertising is also here: performance and design. In the new framework. o insists that this is the case. (Source and quote: Apple-homepage – iMac) but there are a lot of competitors who can keep up with exterior design, stability and longevity of hardware nowadays.

Leave the practice test software. What is Apple, which is awkward? comblu Hasenthal says: for graphic designers, Web designers and digital projects there is nothing more powerful than Apple-software – at least, insofar as it is available free of charge in IT shops. Who processes large amounts of data but only average or even contemplating the recreational purchase of a notebook, should consider well the cult issue.


ISP Change

Posted by Sylia on

Internet service providers make the change despite possible contract that most Internet providers have offers for so-called changer. Customers include understanding, who have a contract provider with a different DSL is not yet expired. New customers are enticed into this case with non-contributory months. But this really saves you? Here it depends on the conditions. Often it is more lucrative to negotiate better terms with the old provider.

Negotiate changes or new conditions? Why would you change your Internet provider at all? Are you unhappy with customer service? The price is too high or too bad performance? Whether a change worth depends on the situation. Service is dissatisfied, it only helps to look for a new provider. The price is too high, it may be sometimes possible to switch to a cheaper contract. First, compare the current DSL tariffs in a price comparison. Find a better or cheaper deal than your current tariff, go to with this offer Their provider. There are companies that offer special terms for new customers only and be stubborn with existing clients.

In this case, you should change the provider! Some companies get involved but also on negotiations and then make you a good offer. Often you get a stronger Internet connection or a cheaper price when threatened with the change. Sometimes a change might also want, because you want to book other services as a combination package with the Internet connection. The multimedia packages by Unitymedia or Telekom are a popular combination. Here, television, phone and Internet as a complete package can be booked. Unitymedia offers also non-contributory months changer, even if it is half a year or longer. As, you can switch your DSL provider if you want to switch to a different Internet provider despite an existing contract, ask the new provider for the exact terms and conditions. Most companies offer no the first months of your new contract, so that in this time have to pay double on both providers. Usually, the new provider has terminated the contract of the competition even for you and takes care of the management. Can’t of course, if your contract is still 20 months, but if it is only for a period of several months, most companies on such a deal that can be adjusted. But be careful: you don’t really given the months it sounds good, you get months three, four or even six depending on the provider. But this is in fact not quite right, because at this time, you Yes continues to pay your old provider. Purchase only the services from the new provider! Not benefit from a cheaper price initially! Ultimately you contracted for 24 months at a new company in turn. It is important to know that the contract period only begins when you also pay for the contract. The non-contributory months so not really given, it’s just so that you will be provided slightly earlier from your new provider. It is worth only if you perform the change due to the better performance and not because of the price! Eva Otter