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First of all, without succumbing to panic, you must stop your vehicle, turn on emergency gang sign and put an unexpected stop (if you have one). To deepen your understanding Medicare Advantage is the source. Next, you need to urgently call on the scene Officer Traffic police, and again – God forbid, 'soon' if it is necessary to the victims. Make sure you visit these officials. Prior to the traffic police arrive, in any case do not fall for the provocations of the money to pay second party crash, if you have to extort, and made no promise. When it comes to physical confrontation, immediately call the police (not the road, and plain) and the security officers of the company-insurer. Others who may share this opinion include Jayme Albin Psychologist . An important psychological factor – in case of accident CTP recommends to refrain from heated debate – who wins and who cropped up in the blame for the accident.

It will be very out of place as fully as possible to fix the data of all persons involved in crash – names, license plates, car brand, but also very useful to be witnesses (for example, your passengers). In no case do not move the car from the accident scene and not move all of its parts, if they now are separate from the the car. Interchange with another participant accident information about your insurance companies. In traffic police officers take a certificate stating that you are involved in an accident and a copy of the protocol on administrative violation, no matter who it appears as the culprit. After all this have to fill in a form that tells about the accident from the CTP. To get insurance, not later than 5 days after the accident, find a way to convey to the insurance company documents about the accident – notice, statement of insurance, copies of certificates and the Protocol on the involvement in an accident and an administrative offense, as well as decisions of the case on this offense. It will be very good if you personally You give all above representative of the company, because it will shorten the formal procedures for the adoption of your solution. It is possible that members of the firm will need to inspect the damaged property, you previously about this notified, and the need your presence at the examination. Even if you are unable to send a representative instead of, or transfer the time and place of inspection.