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However, embarking on a process of change management is not as easy as you might think at first, due to the large number of elements involved; In addition, that to do this you must be completely sure that the organization can absorb the changes and, very particularly, that its human resources understand its importance and in fact commit themselves in their performance, bearing in mind that it is a continuous process that must be treated as such and not as something transitory. Finally, indicate the listed authors, that must be clear, which should be considered as central idea, to treat any process of change it is necessary to handle very helping technical and human aspects, because without the ability to treat the human aspects the process of acceptance of change and the adoption of the technical aspects properly change or the primary object of the organizational change, function, are much more difficult and may even have a high probability of failure. Impact management should be aware that the change that takes place, will affect to some degree of power relations, stability of roles and individual customer satisfaction within the organization. He has written in favour of the subject, which this process may develop consciously, although it is very difficult to anticipate the effects of the changes; It is possible to choose the direction that provide it with clarity. A well-conducted change process involves a personal transformation, making that man this more alert, more flexible and therefore often have to start an analysis of internal review and self-knowledge. The top management of its response capacity must be involved in this change as a process of lifelong learning. Management must be fully identified with what change generates, assess its scope, impact, and if really the human resources involved in it, accept it, knows how to handle and identify their advantages and disadvantages – should the management also, determine the reaction to change, post as comments and thus manifests itself, is usually the natural tendency of people to express resistance to change. .