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Ermano Cavazzoni

Posted by Sylia on

How vain is to sit down to write when not yet you have risen to live. Henry David Thoreau. Dedicated a: Claudia Gamez. Who always has insisted so that she writes tests, according to her it is the sort that I dominate more. It makes a pair of years, I had the privilege to attend the Fair of Libro de Guadalajara. Logically I took advantage of the moment to buy books. Memory one especially titled the useless writers of the Italian writer Ermano Cavazzoni.

I will not inspect a troop of that book, although I recommend yes it widely. Although I mentioned the book was to have a departure point for the following reflection: how is developed the writing act? In one of the ironic tests that appear in that book, it relates us to the author how a writer recommends to another writer Nobel to him, who lives before trying to write. And memory this idea since I came to the mind, every time in a letter that I wrote a pair ago of hours great Isabel friend to him, I remembered how she in one of so many conversations that we had, paraphrasing it, it argued to me that so that really wrote things of great value, it would have to live. I am going to explain a little the context or the reason for which it did that observation to me: it is that as our conversations were being deepened, becoming rich, and being more and more continuous; it was discovering that I tend to live on a very intellectual way. According to her I need the emotion for really to understand the human behavior since not only is enough with to know the conduct the being. This idea has hit me so much that I have not been able to stop reflecting in it. Somehow I suspect that my personages resist to make formal appearance in my stories. Profit not to delineate the psychology of the same or has definitively not arrived the opportune moment to develop to a good book or article.

With this idea, which attempt to say, dear reader, is that this it is an extremely important requirement: we need to have life experiences that allow us to rescue some ideas that are transformed into good boceto literary; somehow, the words must go impregnated of a visceral attitude. After all the fiction is reality. One as professional writer must really have the ability to duplicate the symbiosis between significant meaning and. For example, if I write coffee, he must transmit in the text in which the word is included the scent, flavor, nostalgia, to wake up, would like you would leave I a commentary on the matter. Your opinion in truth, is very important and valuable.