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Today 13 of April, the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Administration, publishes Political Resolution by which the call of scholarship of formation for university titleholders is published superiors in Right, Sciences or Public Administration. In order to visualize the Resolution to the complete one, visits the indicated Web the foot of the article in its section State . It enters the attributed functions the National Institute of Administracin Pblica (INAP) figure, among others, the one to promote the investigation, the formation, the diffusion of experiences and the accomplishment of studies and publications in matters related to the Public Administrations. In order to act this as suitably, and in order to contribute to the promotion and development of studies and investigations, as well as to the professional formation of on subjects related to the lines of action of the INAP, it is considered opportune to summon a scholarship directed to university titleholders superiors for year 2011. In virtue of had in Law 38/2003 17 of November General of Subsidy, in Real Decree 887/2006, of 21 of July, by that the Regulation of this Law is approved and in Order APU/3947/2008, of 22 of December of 2008 (BOE n.

11 of 13 of January of 2009), by that the regulating bases for the concession of subsidy by the National Institute of Public Administration in formation matters, study and investigation are approved, this Direction has solved the call of a formation scholarship, in the following terms: First. Object. the present Resolution intends to summon, in regime of competitive concurrence, and in agreement with the principles of objectivity and publicity, a university titleholder scholarship destined superiors, to form and to carry out support tasks to which they are realised in the Organism. Secondly. Grant of the scholarships. 1. The scholarship, as well as a policy of the insurance of disease and personal injury accidents, will finance at the expense of the budgetary application 25.104.921O.480 of the INAP for exercises 2011 and 2012.