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Posted by Sylia on

The application of different marketing strategies on the Internet demands time which we can optimize by identifying the repetitive work in each strategy used. (A valuable related resource: Brian M. Krzanich). For the specific case of marketing with articles we can optimize our work to publish articles if we apply some strategies everytime we upload articles in any directory. Before I detail the strategies that I use, I recommend that publishing articles need to be done in no less than 10 directories, in this way you will manage greater possibilities of reading your articles by the visitors. Remember that people have identified their favorite articles directories and they are not necessarily seeking information in several at once. Credit: rusty holzer-2011. It is important to select at least 10 directories (the best) to achieve greater possibilities of traffic to your websites and get more conversions. 1 Uses a single user and password for each directory you must ask yourself is true many directories of articles requesting inscription on its database, This does not mean that you may register with a name of different profile for each; It is sufficient to have one that you can use it in all directories, this will help you to not lose time identifying the user according to the directory and more tedious, remember a password for each used directory. Using just a user name and password you save much time when publishing articles. 2 Ten ready summary of your biography in the majority of articles directories you are asked to enter a biography about yourself. Consider having this information available in some quick reference document to be used when necessary. If you are going to publish in more than 10 directories, you could consider having more than one version if it is that you think it should, but the important thing is to have it list previously to simply do a copy and paste.